About Us

Presizion which was founded in 1969 and performed successful activity to date offers flow control solutions to its customers with PRESIZION brand in both Turkey and more than 50 countries all over world.

From the foundation up to now, it has been producing high-quality products and we believe that the success of this quality is definitely no coincidence. Nowadays Presizion has become a fair where you can find all kind of oil  and station equipments.


Our founder Mr. Mehmet Türkyılmaz is a leader who always thinks for the future, always has a project and performs these projects above time bar, inspires positive thinking to workers, customers and all around the people, never afraid of dreaming and voices these dreams, high intuition, patient, self disciplined and self knowledge from the first day of his working life.


Presizion products come into a lot of people’s life. Presizion labor and devotion is hiding behind a person’s safety feeling who have a big smile and pleased from shop, an official’s comfort who provides fluids with his demands in a tank truck, fuel station or factory, an authority’s peace gives fuel to own vehicles in his worksite.

We touch our products and do thousands processes  in every day, and we also know the safety feeling’s importance in business. We will try to give our customers trust, safe business and lower pricess with all of our being and our experiences.

We will inform people about what causes if sales and distibutions with little mistakes get together. We will inspire our customers with perfect business on trust and income.

We will improve our company with new job plans about reducing fuel wastes on enviroment.

We always believe that our brand improves people’s life conditions and comforts with doing right moves. Our responsibilities is getting higher while our company is getting bigger. In this conscious of this grow we will always turn our customer’s problem into success stories.